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Macon County Dept. of Social Services
R. Patrick Betancourt, Director
1832 Lakeside Drive
Franklin, NC 28734
Phone: (828) 349-2124
Fax: (828) 349-2401


department social services franklin highlands nantahala nc north carolinaMacon County • Department of Social Services
Report Adult Abuse

If you suspect a disabled adult is being abused, neglected or exploited please call Adult Protective Services Intake at (828) 349-2124. (After working hours call “911� and ask to speak with a Social Worker). You do not have to reveal your identity when you call.

North Carolina State law requires that all counties provide Adult Protective Services in order to ensure the safety of all disabled adults in the state. The Department of Social Services is the agency that receives reports of neglect or abuse, investigates those reports and provides services to prevent abuse or neglect from recurring. We strive to ensure and strengthen a caretaker’s capacity to protect and nurture theses disabled adults while maintaining their safety and right to self-determination.

Watch for Signs of Abuse, Neglect or Exploitation of Seniors or Adults with Disabilities.

Signs of Possible Abuse

  • Unusual and unexplained bruises
  • Welts, fractures or burns in various stages of healing or in the shape of an object (rope, belt, restraints, electric burner)
  • Bed sores, weight loss or dry skin and lips
  • Clothing inappropriate for the whether condition
  • Inadequate shelter or medical care
  • Any deliberate confinement of an adult in a dangerous environment

Signs of Possible Self-Neglect

  • Forgetfulness in lighting or turning off stove or gas
  • Pointless wandering at night
  • Inability to cook, eat, bathe, toilet, dress or care for one's self
  • Unexplainable thinness or dehydration
  • Causing small fires
  • Living in an unsafe environment
  • Administering medication incorrectly
  • Inability to communicate

Signs of Possible Caretaker Neglect

  • Failure to provide adequate food, shelter, clothing, and attention to personal and incidental needs
  • Failure to manage resources to meet needs
  • Failure to provide a safe living situation that is not hazardous to the health and safety
  • Failure to provide adequate supervision
  • Failure by caretaker to provide and/or arrange for medical needs

Signs of Possible Exploitation

  • Unexplained withdrawals of money
  • Using deceit, treachery, or coercion to obtain money
  • Unusually interest by anyone in the older or disabled adult's finances
  • Difference between assets and lifestyles
  • Unusually large payments for services rendered
  • Failure to pay for basic needs (lights, phone)
  • Inappropriate sexual activities
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